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GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit
GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit

GetxGo® Pre-Filled Prep Kit

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Your Go-To Bag During Medical, Road, or Survival Emergencies! Complete with First Aid, Tools, Comm Devices, & More


Grab-and-Go. The modernized all-in-one preparedness kit with over 40 smartly organized essentials. From solar-powered phone chargers, sanitary items, and first aid supplies, the GO Kit is here to equip and support the modern-day you. It has an easy open and quick access organizational system making it ready for real-world use and your life on the go. Whether it's hurricanes or wildfires, your emergency essentials will be protected from the elements with high-quality waterproof or fire-resistant construction. This kit also packs reflective elements to alert automobiles to your presence at night. And for those of you in cities, you know the importance of not attracting unwanted attention, the kit comes in discrete colors for your safety.

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GO Kit (Fire/Water-Resistant)
  • Fire/water-resistant. Made of silicone coated fiberglass withstand up to 1,832°F
  • 40+ essentials. Solar-powered phone chargers, sanitary items, first aid, & more
  • Smart organizational system. Sorted into 6 categories: Tools, Communication, Warmth, First Aid, Safety, and Food & Water
  • Muted colors. To avoid unwanted attention
  • Reflective logo. Keeps you safely visible at night
  • Sustainable. Partnered with Public Goods, a brand that creates beautiful and mindful products that are good for people and the planet



  • GO Kit (Fire/Water-Resistant)
  • Color: silver grey
  • Materials: silicone coated fiberglass withstand up to 1000°C (1832°F)
  • Dimensions: 10" x 13" x 5"
  • Smart system categories
    1. Tools
    2. Communication
    3. Warmth
    4. First Aid
    5. Safety
    6. Food & Water
  • Easy open
  • High-quality construction
  • Muted colors
  • Reflective logo
  • Sustainable


  • Tools
    • 1x Solar Power Bank
    • 1x Universal Multi-Charging Cable
    • 1x Multi-Tool
    • 1x Glow Stick
    • 1x Windproof Matches
    • 1x Solar Power Crank Radio
  • Food & Water
    • 4x Water Pouches
    • 2x Food Bars
  • Warmth
    • 2x Handwarmers
    • 1x Rain Poncho
    • 1x Emergency Blanket
    • 1x Quick Dry Towel
  • First Aid (1-2 People)
    • Bandage Materials
      • 12x Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1" x 3"
      • 1x Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 2" x 4.5"
      • 2x Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle
      • 3x Bandage, Butterfly Closure
      • 2x Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", Pkg./2
      • 2x Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 3" x 3", Pkg./2
    • Blister/Burn: 1x Moleskin, 3" x 4"
    • Fracture/Sprain: 1x Bandage, Elastic with Clips, 2"
    • Instrument: 1x Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps
    • Medication
      • 2x Acetaminophen (500 mg), Pkg./2
      • 2x After Bite Wipes
      • 2x Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)
      • 1x Aspirin (325 mg), Pkg./2
      • 2x Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2
    • Survival Tools
      • 1x Compass, Button, Liquid Filled
      • 1x Mini Rescue Howler Whistle
    • Wound Care
      • 10x Antiseptic Wipe
      • 1x Tape, 1/2" x 10 Yards
      • 2x Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single-Use
  • Hygienic Essentials
    • 1x Hand Sanitizer
    • 2x Toothbrushes
    • 2x Mouthwash
    • 2x Female Regular Pads
  • Safety
    • 1x Gloves
    • 1x Goggle
    • 1x Survival Candle
    • 2x Masks
    • 1x Pocket Tissue


  • Ships to Contiguous US
  • Expected Delivery: Apr 1 - Apr 7


  • Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.
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